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Virtual Assistant Extraordinaire



Starting as an Office Assistant back in college I got the opportunity to experience what it meant to be an assistant and over the years that experience joined with continued opportunities to support entrepreneurs allowed me to develop my professionalism and skills. I’ve taken the time to develop my knowledge and education to ensure that I can wholeheartedly support other business owners in their entrepreneurship journey. I want to see you win in developing your business!


For most of my professional career, I was hired for one position and given the duties of another position. It was nice that the companies had confidence I could handle anything thrown my way, but I was unfulfilled. There isn't too much worse than being unfulfilled and underpaid... oh wait being BROKE is way worse! 


Four years ago, I was sitting in my apartment after my company decided Communications wasn't a priority anymore trying to figure out how I would make ends meet. It was the holidays and there I was staring at a 5-day notice on day 3! I wasn't sure how I would get out of that position, but I knew when I got out I could NEVER go back. 


I was referred to someone out of state seeking an assistant and I cringed because being an assistant was my least favorite previous role. I quickly realized being an assistant is about the tasks needed and who you are working for. I loved the role and could do it from my living room. It was perfect! Then I realized how in-demand virtual assistants are and decided to start a make it a business. I was tired of jobs dictating my life without any regard for my life.


Between college and jobs over the years, I've acquired a lot of skills. At the time I wondered why I was learning these things, but I decided to apply the skills I like to help others with their businesses. In college, I've had numerous customer service jobs, internships, and after college, I worked for a lot of start-ups and small businesses. After starting my own business and earning a certificate in Entrepreneurship from Cornell University, I was confident that I had what it takes to show others how to start a successful virtual assistant business. 


As I continue to develop my VA business I’m positioning myself to help others who are in the shoes I’ve walked in.

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